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Aiming at an even higher level of availability, durability and safety, ATA Gears’ service products offer a smart combination of options for you to choose from. Starting with the industry’s process and business drivers, these services ensure new edge measured by real key performance indicators. Digital, smart and interactive, the steps to ever better results are here for you to take. The right combination of services for your needs can be determined together with ATA’s mechanical power transmission specialists.

ATA X-GearTM for reliable and durable operation whatever the application, wherever the operation

Thanks to experience from over 100 gear types used in more than 1000 projects, backed up with the rigorous testing and resulting superdata and systematic evidence provided by our test bench facility, ATA can optimize each bevel gear to optimally suit the customer’s situation and targets.

From macrometrics planning to micro-geometric optimization, ATA’s smart design and optimizing concept ATA X-Gear is both structured and a combination of any of the individual services – always based on the customer’s needs and targets such as optimizing power density, eliminating misalignments and noise and maximizing the reliability and robustness of a bevel gear drive in all conditions.

Innovative solutions in driveline design for improved safety and performance can be achieved with the help of tooth-geometry and micro-geometry optimization, Isotropic Superfinishing, Shot Peening and High-Grade Material.

"We were able to reduce gearbox size, which gave us significant competitive edge!"
“Our assembly times were greatly reduced!”

ATA ODDTM for even faster delivery times

Time means money for us all and delivery schedules are tighter.  There are situations calling for special arrangements to make fast even faster. And of course, delivery time goes all the way through the delivery chain, from ATA to its customer to their customer.

Avoiding downtime and excess inventory is crucial every step of the way. Going all the way from Fast Track to Express, ATA On-Demand Delivery services are proof that Availability is king.

"ATA Express reduced our customer's downtime by 50%."

ATA ReViveTM to totally understand the condition of used bevel gears and remanufacturing them whenever it makes sense

An alternative to a new component, and to extend service life and reduce costs, downtime and environmental impact, ATA ReVive always starts with an optimizing analysis. In all cases, this service sets out to guarantee that your bevel gears are optimally durable, available and sustainable. The end result: Best service capability throughout the value chain.

Coming out in 2019...


Offers web-based interactive learning material to support the design and dimensioning of gear sets and mechanical power transmission environment. Installation training also available.

ATA MotionLabTM

Test bench facility for product development and joint research projects.

ATA iMotionTM
remote HELP function

Featuring a mobile App with inspection documents and installation instructions in interactive and digital format, linked to the component’s QR code.

ATA Smart MotionTM

Functioning with a QR code embedded in the components and linked to ATA iMotion, where IoT instrumentation collects data.


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